Expand access to absentee voting, provide curbside voting for seniors and those with disabilities, ease voter ID requirements designed to suppress minority voting participation, and ensure our legislative districts are fairly drawn.

Alabama is blessed to have plentiful natural resources that contribute to the health of our economy and enrich our lives. Whether it’s the Gulf Coast beaches that bring in tourists year-round, or agricultural industry that provides vital crops and materials, our state greatly benefits from curbing pollution to positively impact our climate and our economy.

Improve the quality and accessibility of our public education system. We must provide our personnel the wages and respect they deserve, and provide our students with safe, modern, and comfortable facilities.

Facilitate affordable, accessible, and quality health care for every citizen regardless of income. No American should be uninsured or underinsured. Adequate healthcare is not just a human right – it has a significant impact on the health of our nation’s economy as well.

Ensure equal respect and equal treatment under the law for every American. End the pay gap for women and minorities, end legal discrimination against individuals with disabilities and those who are LGBTQ, and ensure our lawmakers are held accountable for voting against these principles.